What’s Going on With Me Wednesday…

Hey gang! Welcome to November! It’s FINALLY cooled down here in Oklahoma…just in time for all of the trick or treaters to freeze their hineys off *g*.

I was actually somewhat productive while I was in Virginia, at least when it comes to the writing front…got about 2,000 words done on View to a Kill, which is really cool since I haven’t really done anything creative since the end of July. I keep trying to write the next in the RuneQuest series (Sea of Dreams), but Sara and Brian keep clamoring to come up front and play, so I guess that makes them the winners in that particular turf war *VBG*.

Other than that, just kinda kicking along…I had oodles of work to do after coming back from Virginia, so haven’t gotten a ton of writing done there (not that I’m supposed to, but you know what I mean).

The docs at our clinic started using the new notepads (about the size of a regular pad of paper and almost as light) to document their encounters and such, and I’ve been seriously eyeballing one for when my laptop takes a dump. You can even write longhand, and it transfers it to typing! Since I have pretty legible handwriting (or at least compared to the docs I work with!), I’m dying to give it a try and see if I can’t cut out a step in my writing process, since I seem to be more creative and productive if I write it out longhand, and then transfer it to the computer. Guess I’m too old-school for the whole brain-dump directly into the computer! Heck, I remember programming DOS in my high school days, so that shows you how far we’ve come in twenty short years.

So what’s going on with y’all? Anything fun? Of interest to the folks that cruise my blog???

Well, I’d better get to work…they’re such sticklers about me actually dragging ass into there on time!! LOL.