So I haven’t done squat over the last week except obsess…that’s me, obsessive-compulsive girl.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I got a nibble from an agent.  A real, called me at home (well, on the cell, but you know what I mean), actually SPOKE to me, agent.  To say I was shaking in my pumps when I called her back is a smidge of an understatement.  But I’m sure I sounded calm, cool and collected…yeah, right!  Anyway, I spent the last week working on my proposals for View to a Kill and Duck and Run which about made me pull my hair out at the roots, because I SUCK at synopses.  Anyway, cross fingers, toes, and other appendages for me.  I *should* know within the next month or so if she liked what I sent her, or if I need to throw my net out into the water again.

We’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, with a book review.

Talk to y’all then!