Before I get into the book report, just a quick progress update…I started my quest of writing 1,000 words a day last night, and almost made it…750!  I’m in booooooring training all day today, so am taking my notepad to see if I can’t get a jumpstart on today’s goal!! 


Out of the Night

Robin Popp

This book is the beginning to a gritty paranormal series with a whole new take on vampires…yeah!  I was getting tired of vampire books, because they were all starting to blend into one another.  In Popp’s story, Lanie Weber heads to
South America to collect her father’s things—he died while on assignment.  The hero, Mac Knight, is a medically-retired SEAL who flies her down as a favor to his old admiral.  The vamps in this are very real, and haven’t been seen in the civilized in forever…but the newest vamp has a definite agenda of his own, and it ain’t to benefit humankind.  A must-read if you enjoy gritty paranormals.