Well yippity skippity, I exceeded my workcount last night…clocked in at 1,200 words, which is pretty good for me when hubby has turned the tube to Dirty Jobs (which I love), especially when they’re doing an Air Force feature.

 My training today was…interesting *g*.  We had a guy come in who did a 6 1/2 hour course on change…specifically in the workplace.  That’s all fine and dandy, but you KNOW I was mining it for stuff I could use in writing.  We got to take a personality test (kind of an abbreviated Briggs-Meyers), which, of course, correctly categorized me as the pain-in-the-ass overachiever that I am (sigh).  I snaked an extra, “clean” workbook so I could copy it and use it to pinpoint all of my character’s attributes and flaws.  Now THAT’S spending the Air Force’s dime wisely *g*.  I did find a whole bunch of stuff I could use in the day job, since I basically coerce people into doing the right thing *g* (i.e., reporting medical incidents, and then learning from them), so they got their money’s worth, right???