See, this is what I get.  Just last week I was saying I hadn’t read any good vamp books, and along comes JR Ward!  Dark Lover is hot, hot, hot!  With an exceptional premise and tortured heroes you just want to take home and “fix”, Ward starts out her new series with a bang!  Wrath is the defacto Lessening Society, the society bent on destroying them.  Our heroine, Beth is a half-breed, though she doesn’t know it until the change is almost on her.  This being a romance novel, you know they’re gonna be together, but the road traveled is so entertaining!  Be warned, tho, this isn’t your typical vamp novel…it’s dark and violent, maybe too violent for some readers’ taste…but then again, I wouldn’t have my vamps any other way.  Run, don’t walk to pick this bad boy up!