Hey all — sorry I’ve been baaaaad about posting, I simply got caught up in the joy/horror of the holidays *g*.  Oh, and the nasty case of pink-eye I’m battling.  That’s what I get for working in an outpatient clinic, right?  It’s kinda funny, my boss (who’s a physician) basically told me that as long as I felt all right (and I do), there was no reason for me not to come into work, since I don’t lay hands on patients (just paperwork).  So I’ve been showing up, and then both of us get to listen as my coworkers comment on how August has to place his punches better (ha ha), how their eyes itch just looking at me, etc, etc, etc.  The boss man finally had enough and sent me home this afternoon.  It was funny, but now my official work name is … drumroll please … “cootie girl.”  Sounds very medical and scientific, right??  LOL.  Unfortunately, I haven’t done a ton of writing work, because by the time I get home, I just wanna go to bed!  Anyway, since shopping and such is out of the question until this clears up, I’m hoping to get some work done tonight and over the weekend…cross fingers for me!