So it was quite amusing…I went into work yesterday afternoon for meetings, and everywhere I went, people told me I looked like shit, or completely avoided me.  Thank goodness I can blame that on the pink-eye, rather than the fact it’s my usual condition *g*.  Anyway, my boss (who’s FAB, BTW) finally had enough of the “just looking at her makes my eyes itch”…or the even better one from our optometrist…”I woulda told her to stay home all week”.  Sooo, consequently, at our monthly meeting with all the docs,  he looks me square in my scary red eyes and says…”Cootie Girl is going to go first, then she’s going home…I’m sick of hearing about it.”  And I think he was.  I mean, I don’t come into contact with patients at all, so there’s really no earthly reason for me to stay home, but…if it means I can stay home and write all day, who am I to argue?

Sooo…that’s the plan of attack today.  I’m going to finish up some e-mails, do some admin on the NRCA (National Reader’s Choice Awards…I’m the chair again this year…can you say “sucker”?), and then plop my happy ass down in the living room with my laptop.  What are y’all up to today?