Yeah, so I’ve been a bit of a piker about blogging lately.  Not sure why.  It’s not like I’ve been hideously busy (tho I have been writing), but I guess it’s just that I haven’t had a bunch to say, I guess.   I could tell you that I’ve been working on the National Reader’s Choice Awards, or that I’ve been reading a bunch (finished Iris Johansen’s Blind Alley last night) and writing about 1K a day.

But in the end, I think that this time of year it’s about more than that kind of stuff.  It’s about hitting the mall or WallyWorld for Christmas shopping.  It’s about smiling at folks even if you’ve been standing in line to check out for twenty minutes.  It’s about rooting through two rows of itty-bitty little cars to try to find a Lexus as a joke gift for my hubby *g*.

So today I’m gonna do a bit of writing while hubby watches football, go pick up the one thing I forgot (yikes!), and steep myself in the season.  Tomorrow we’ll watch The Little Drummer Boy (isn’t that what it’s all about??), and then on Monday, we’ll call our families, have some coffee and tear into our presents to each other before popping the ham in the oven.

So, with no further ado, Merry Christmas, all!  See ya on the 26th…