So today, after posting my blog, I did a bunch of NRCA stuff, then went to Wally (I *dare* you to try that two days before Christmas!!!) to pick up some fun munchie foods to eat.  And THEN, when I got back to the house and all settled in, I sat down and wrote.  And wrote.  And wrote.

All in all, I racked up 3200 words in about three hours, which is kick-ass awesome for me.  Granted, I type like a demon (waaaaay too many years of taking dictation *g*), but I obviously hit a sweet spot in the story that let me zoom.  I’m almost to the 1/4 point!  I’ve got the baddie nicely laid out (since this romantic suspense and not a mystery), hero and heroine have officially done the nasty, and the obligatory friend has thrown up the “but you’re a cop and you’re sleeping with someone primary to the case” roadblock. 

Damn, that was fun!