See, it’s like this…when I actually *start* writing in my blog, then I tend to continue.  It’s when I stop for a few days that I get all discombobulated and forget about it.

So this year, my loverly DH got me an iPod (which I asked for), and an ultra-cool necklace holder.  I guess it shows you how long we’ve been married that I get more excited over a $20 necklace holder (but it’s soooo cool…looks like an old-time dressmaker’s model with the “arms” for necklaces sticking out the top) than a $150 gizmo *g*.  What did y’all get?

The link below isn’t a present, but a treat for you guys…Jill Shalvis writes disgustingly (in a freakin’ great way) funny, kick-ass books.  I hadn’t been to her blog for a bit, but popped over there tonight while ignoring the Dallas-Philadelphia game.  If you want a good giggle, or just something to put a smile on your face, check it out:

That’s it for me tonight, kiddies.  I’ll post a book review tomorrow and see if we can’t get back on our regularly scheduled programming!