Well, I’m pretty damned jazzed to report that I whipped out over 6,000 words done on View over the course of the last week.  At the rate I’m going through this, I’m hoping to have a draft done by the time we have an agent I’ve been stalking *g*, come in for my chapter meeting.

I’ve come to a funky part in the story tho…I realized that I had my hero and heroine hitting the sack far too early for standard romance…even the kind of freaky urban environment I’ve set up.  Soooo…I cut it out and plopped it back to the back of what I’ve written.  The sexual tension is pretty good, and will only be heightened by making them wait *g*, tho my friend Pat is gonna kill me…LOL.

Guess I’ve been writing erotica for too long without a mainstream book in between *g*.   Sooo, my solution to this dilemma is to pick upSea of
Dreams whenever I get the overwhelming urge to write a sex scene and divert myself.  Because of that, I’ll probly be writing a bit of both between now and the next time I check in on Wednesday, so be prepared for a double whammy!