Flesh and Stone

Vicki Taylor

Mara Kincaide knows what it’s like to live in chaos.  For six years she has operated a shelter for women, bearing witness to the dark side of mankind as well as the great potential for good in humanity.  But when a client who she deeply cared for disappears, a concerned Mara follows her friend’s trail–and ends up falling victim to the same ominous fate.  Powerful, lithe and cunning, Connor Rihyad is a force not to be trifled with, even among the other Gargoyles, who, with him, have watched over humanity for centuries.  But when Mara is “given” to Connor, she senses something about the brooding guardian that separates him from his ageless brethren–an untamed desire that years to be unleashed.

Yet another spine-tingler from
Taylor.  Even though this is a stand-alone book, I’d suggest reading the first in her series, Carved in Stone (another FAB book!!), so you’re fully immersed in the legends and lore of the Gargoyles.  Definitely a tub-worthy book!