Woohoo…since we talked last Wednesday, I whipped out 11,000 words on View!  I’m very excited *g*, and my critique partners didn’t totally despise what I did with the first two chapters, so cross fiingers for me… Okay, now on with or regularly scheduled programming… 


So I’ve written about some pretty diverse projects in the past (fairies, for goodness sake??  LOL), but when it comes right down to it, for some reason I’m always drawn to cops or Armed Forces, or firefighters.


In review:         (by order written)

            Summerland:  Bill Ashton—Cop
            Arden Jones—AF Public Affairs

            Brotherhood:  Doug Brewster—Cop

            Monarchs (WiP):  Zachariah Ashton—civil war hero

            Saints:  Josh Kent—cop *and* Army medic

            Blink:  Scott Carpenter—Air Force Pararescue

            Baptism:  Aidan Hughes—Firefighter (okay, he’s also Fae *g*)

            Ends:  Logan Whitefeather—Historian *and* ex-AF medic

            Sea:  Mike Alvarez—Firefighter

            Duck & Run (WiP):  Nick McClain—Cop and ex-Army Ranger; Chris Eagan—ex-Texas Ranger

            View (WiP):  Brian Roney—Cop and ex-AF cop

            **Breath (WiP):  Hero unnamed—French Foreign Legion background

            **Fisher King (WiP):  James Brewster—Cop

            **Angels of Retribution (WiP):  Gabriel—Wizard w/no memory

            **Tally Ho (WiP):  Tallie Cavanaugh—AF Flight Surgeon

            **Omega Five (WiP):  Peri—NASA astronaut


In fact, when I look at it, Angels of Retribution (the follow-up to Saints) may be the only one I’ve ever written that didn’t have one of those three factors built in.  So what the hell is up with me?  I mean, I married into the Air Force, and work for the DoD, but damn, until I really looked at it, I didn’t realize how much I’d threaded the “man in uniform” (and heck, the “woman in uniform”) concept throughout.  Maybe it’s because if I’d taken my recruiter’s advice after taking the ASVABs in high school, I’d be done with my career by now, or at least nearing the end??  Who the heck knows *g*.  All I know is that if my husband buys my military dudes (and dudettes), then I’m in like clover, because I know I did it right!  He is, after all, pretty much a military historian.  If I could, I’d put him up against a history professor from West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy any day on Jeopardy, because he’d win!


Oh, and BTW, I don’t really have ALL those stories in progress…the ones with the double stars are the ones I’ve mapped out initial ideas on *g*.