Music:  Hubby got me an iPod for Christmas (yeah for me!), so I’ve been busy loading all of the stuff I hadn’t listened to in forever.  One of those is Dishwalla’s Pet Your Friends.  I’d forgotten how much I adored a HUGE amount of the songs on this album.  Counting Blue Cars is nice (and was their big hit), but Pretty Babies, All She Can See, and Give are much more my style.  The three are blatantly different, with Pretty Babies having a nice pop lilt, All She Can See ranging toward the moody and bluesy, and Give toward the ballady range.  I saw, going to Amazon, that they’ve got some other albums out now, so I’m definitely going to be checking them out on eTunes to see what I’ve been missing!

Movie:  Invincible—Hubby is starting to go through football withdrawals, even before the season ends, so I graciously agreed *g* to watch Invincible with him, and was pleasantly surprised.  This is the semi-true story of Vince Papale, a thirty-year-old bartender/substitute teacher who walked onto the Philadelphia Eagles back in the seventies.  The times are reflected accurately—Philly was in the middle of an economic maelstrom—and the tone of the movie itself was great.  While anyone can log onto Wikipedia and see that Papale’s miraculous signing by the Eagles wasn’t quite as purported in the movie, it’s still an inspirational story nonetheless.  Mark Wahlberg (playing Papale) was very good, and from a woman’s perspective, I certainly enjoyed the sight of him in those tight football uniforms *g*.  If you want to watch a feel-good movie that moves surprisingly fast (even if you don’t particularly care for football), Invincible is a really way to spend an enjoyable two hours.