Midnight Secrets

Jennifer St.Giles

After her cousin Mary is mysteriously swept away by the sea, Cassiopeia journeys to the Killdaren estate in Dartmouth, disguised as a chambermaid to uncover clues.  What she discovers is the estate’s enigmatic owner, Sean Killarden, and the errie family curse that he bears.  He must be separated from his twin brother—for they are destined to be the cause of their own demise.  As details of Mary’s fate elude her, the shroud of darkness that Sean has created is luring Cassie in.  As tempting as it would be lose herself in such a dangerous seduction, she is determined to resist his wiles and learn more of Mary’s disappearance.  But the answer, Cassie fears, may lie in Sean’s scandalous past or somewhere far deeper, in a twisted maze of passions where there’s no turning back.

Holy crap, what a great book.  Dark, moody and sensual, St. Giles proves that her first book, The Mistress of Trevelyan, was no fluke.  Unlike some other historicals that I’ve read of late, which simply seem to be contemps set in a different year, St. Giles takes us to
Cornwall.  Her writing is strong, poignant and deep.  Even if you don’t care for English historicals…pick this one up NOW, you won’t be disappointed!