Before we launh into our regular weekly programming…I’ve got news that can’t wait until Wednesday!!  I’m pleased as punch to announce the “official” launch of the line I was selected to write the launch book for!  Here’s my cover and the press release:


Liquid Silver Books is proud to announce the launch of the Terran Realm web site,, on Monday, February 5, 2007, previewing the new Terran Realm line of books.   This urban fantasy world is the brain-child of Liquid Silver author Rae Morgan who will be the senior editor for the shared world. The initial line up of authors includes Keira Ramsay (Redemption, February 2007), Bonnie Dee (Measure of a Man, March, 2007 and Fruits of Betrayal, May, 2007), Tiffany Aaron (Troubled Waters, a Clan Najwa novel, April, 2007), and Rae’s book (Earth Awakened, a Talisman novel, Summer 2007).    What are Terrans? The ancients called the Terrans gods and goddesses. They aren’t. They’re just another species – that happens to control the elements. The Terrans’ purpose? Save the Earth from those who would destroy her. Not an easy job when some of your own kind become greedy for money and power.            To find out more about this fabulous new urban fantasy world, visit the web site at  Get urban. Go Terran Realm from Liquid Silver Books. 

Psymbience and Frasier

Music:  Psymbience, Is—I was turned onto this band by my writing bud and soul-sister Rinda… Funky, hip, and at times thrashing, this album really reminded me of Incubus.  I particularly enjoyed Medium for its rocking riffs, and Genesis and Psymbiology for their moody vocals.  There’s a lot of instrumental work on this album, but I personally love stuff like that, especially when I slip the iPod on and get in my writing groove.  Heck, I could even listen to it in the office without anyone looking at me sideways…then again

I regularly listen to Disturbed and AFI, so the Powers That Be are probably used to it *g*.

Movie:  No movie today, so I’m gonna talk about my hubby’s new favorite obsession (now that football is almost over)…Frasier.  We’ve got four seasons on DVD and have pretty much watched them all at least twice since the Gators snaked the National Championship *and* the Chargers shot themselves in the foot.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed Frasier, and how witty the writing is.  One of my all time favorite lines revolves around Frasier telling
Frederick (after he wakes from a nightmare), “No Freddie, Senator Thurman is not hiding in your closet.”  Yeah, it’s a shameless rip-off of a Doonesbury cartoon I saw many moons ago, but it’s still funny as hell… Yeah, there are some episodes I don’t care for, like in any TV series, but for the most part, it’s always a fun and enjoyable experience to fall into
Seattle, and the lives of the Crane extended family.  One of my fave characters (and for anyone who actually knows me, you’ll “get” this *g*) is Roz.  She’s just wonderful, and has so many great characteristics (even if she does sample the man-market *g*).  Basically, she’s definitely somebody I could sit down and have a smoke and a beer with.