MovieThe Rundown…August and I rented this a looong time ago, but I saw a goofy commercial today that reminded me of Duane Johnson (an expression *g*) and it brought The Rundown to mind.  To start with, it’s got The Rock in it…for a chickie, that’s definitely a HUGE bennie!!  Nevermind the fact he can actually passably act, which was quite a surprise to me.  Then you add in Christopher Walken and my “cool-o-meter” just keeps heading north (I adore Walken…he’s just so wonderfully weird).  Yeah, it’s got Stiffler in it (Seann William Scott), but he was okay, so I looked past it.

Anyway, the concept is this…Beck (The Rock) is a wanna-be chef who’s also the best muscle that money can buy.  When his boss sends him to the Amazon in search of his son Travis, he’s promised it’s the last job…he can “retire” and do what he wants.  So he heads south and grabs Travis (Stiffler…sorry, he’ll FOREVER be in my head that way), and as they try to make their way back to the States, chaos ensues.  Travis wants to stay in the Amazon to search out a treasure he’s been hunting for, and the locals want it too…it’s basically their village’s magical charm.  Unfortunatley, the really, really bad guy (Walken) wants the statue too.  I won’t say more and spoil the movie, but let me say this…it’s freakin’ hysterical.  If you’re looking for something you don’t have to think about too hard, has lots of cool shit blowing up, and an over-the-top baddie, then plug this baby in…it’s totally worth your while!

MusicAll American Rejects…Those of you who listen to indy-rock will probably be familiar with the Rejects from their early days, since now even the bubble-gum pop stations play their newer stuff.  I got turned onto them because they won a battle of the bands down in Oklahoma City a few years back.  I thought it was ultra-cool that a couple of dudes from Oklahoma State University won, and promptly bought the album from their website (’cause you couldn’t get it anywhere else).  I’m particularly fond of Swing, Swing (especially since I get to hear it on the radio now and again), The Last Song and Too Far Gone.  This is college music, folks…infectious and toe-tapping.  No, it’s not gonna set the world ablaze by setting some long-awaited change into motion or anything like that, but the guitar riffs are pure fun, and it always lifts my mood just to hear them!