Well, I’m happy to say that I popped out over 2000 words this week, which is obviously scads below my lowball target of 7K per week, but at least I’m writing again!  I *think* I got past the block that was killing me (thanks muchly to PG Forte, my crit bud from heaven/hell…depending on which part of her suggestions I’m reading *g*).  I’m hoping to really settle in this weekend and get at least 5K written.  Seems like when I can get a big chunk out of the way, that seems to make it flow better.

In my defense, I’m working on a VERY complicated edit for Liquid Silver right now, and am almost done judging entries for three different contests.  For some reason, the ones I volunteer for all seem to pop up in the Jan/Feb timeline.

Right now I’m reading the Madonna Key series, and I’m crying a little…Bombshell went under, and View is freakin PERFECT for that line.  Sigh.  Guess I’ll have to see how it shakes out…rumor has it HQ is going to be starting a suspensy line, and maybe I can plug in there.  All I know is that View DEFINITELY isn’t Nocturne.

OOOH, and I finally got my copy of RT today.  I mean, geesh, can you make a girl wait in suspense any longer?  LOL.  Anyway, it was awesome cool that Baptism by Fire got a mention as one of the best Paranormal/Sci Fi books of 2006.  Does my ego good, even if it’s not stoking my imagination on Sea of Dreams…sigh.

Well, I guess that’s it for today…see y’all tomorrow with another fun Blog recommendation!