Have I got a dilly for ya this week!  Let me introduce you to Magical Musings, if you haven’t already been drawn there by their insidious coolness, that is!

This blog, like lots of the ones I visit, is about writing…but it’s so much more!  These chicks talk about everything from what’s going on in their lives to the writing existence to everything in between.  Oh yeah, and they throw in a book review now and again…kinda like I do…only something the dig.

I got turned onto this by my bud Liz Kreger (go Liz, baby…can’t wait to see your cover when it’s ready!!), whom I met years ago at a writing conference and hang with whenever possible *g*.

If you want to be amused, entertained, and learn all kinds of cool shit about writing, swing by and check these chickies out!