Woohooo!  Redemption was released on Monday night!  I’m very excited, and part of it is because I can really concentrate on View for a bit, at least until my edits for Saints come in *g*.  I got 3,000 words written over the last week, and hurdled past another sticking point to me.  I’ve been angsting over this book, and I don’t angst well…I’m too damned old for it.  You know what the problem was?  Not enough action…lots of things were “happening” to my heroine, and it worked up until the point I got stuck.  What I needed to do was have her take control of her situation, and as soon as I let her do that, everything just flowed.  I’m over 52K now, and fully expect to be able to pump out my 7K a week by next Wednesday, if not a bunch more (more in tune with 15K, I’m thinking). 

As a total aside, August and I spent the most amusing Monday watching an Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations marathon.  I absolutely adore this guy…he’s definitely the kind of dude I could sit down and have a beer (or six) with, all the while eating at non-franchise places.  He has a wicked sense of humor and no-nonsense way of looking at the world that I totally empathize with.  I would be in my happy place if he and Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs got together to do a show of some kind!