Just a quick pop in to say hi, and to admit my body is reminding me I’m not as young as I might have thought I was *g*.  See, my workmate Rhonda and I decided to do some speedwalking this last week.  We clocked a bit over two miles each day in about 25 minutes, which is moving pretty good, especially when you consider it was outside, walking on surfaces that ranged from gravel to dead grass.

Anyway, I was sore, but soldiered on.  By the time I got home each night, it was all I could do to pop some dinner on the table and then crash.  As I said above, not as young as I thought I was *g*!  So I figured, no big deal, I’ll just write my quick blog post at work, and then pop it up before I crash.  Yeah, right…

Anyway, we’re gonna take it a smidge easier next week, because both of us were feeling the pain, so PROMISE that I’ll have a full week of posting next week!!