Music:  I love iTunes.  Let me just say that up front.  I was a late baby to the whole digital music scene, probably because I refuse to download “free” music from places like Napster.  I mean, hello, these artists worked hard to get their music out there, and they deserve to be compensated for it.  But maybe that’s just the “digital” writer in me…I don’t want my words out there for free unless I decide to put them out there as such. 

Anyway, one of the things I love about iTunes is the fact I don’t have to buy a whole album…instead I can listen to a smidge of each song and see if it floats my boat.  It’s hard to get out of the “album” mindset tho…I recently purchased an entire Evanescence album, and now I wish I’d just grabbed the songs I liked.  Why?  Because after awhile, all of the songs on that album start to sound the same.  I love Amy Lee’s voice, and wanted to hook up a soulful female lead as I was working on View.  In the end, I would have been much better served picking the tunes I liked, because now I’m tired of it, and ended up turning to something grittier (Concrete Blonde).   

Yeah, I have “for sure” bands where I’ll pick up anything and everything they do (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, Seether and Stone Temple Pilots), but I think I’m going to be a bit more selective this time ‘round.  Now I’m off to buy a few Breaking Benjamin tunes, since their new song on the radio grabs me just as much as their previous stuff has. 

Movie:  Spent the weekend watching soccer–which is as exciting as watching grass grow for me, but August loves it.  Consequently, no movie review this week, but instead, a bit of a question/op-ed piece.   

Last week on the radio, one of the local radio stations was picking apart Jeff Zucker’s (NBC Universal’s president) proclamation that American Idol was the most important TV show ever.  (Keep in mind I’ve only seen one episode, and turned it after about ten minutes…just not my gig.)  They had several great arguments about previous shows that I thought I’d recap here.   The first was I Love Lucy…think about it:  interracial couple, strong female lead (even if she was batty as hell), and it was the first show to “show” the rearing of a child from birth into childhood.  The second was American Bandstand…again, consider how influential Dick Clark was back in the day…how kids and teens would make time in their weekend to see the latest and greatest bands, the ones they’d probably NEVER have a chance to see in person.  It also brought up a ton of performers who might never have had the chance to share their music on a national scale (think That Thing You Do, on a fictionalized front).  The third I have to argue with, just a smidge, because the show still gives me the “extreme cheese” shudders…Miami Vice.  The argument was:  it was the first show “all” about drugs, began its own fashion statement, starred the musical talent it featured (think Glen Frey and Phil Collins), and was a reason to stay home on a Friday night.  All valid arguments, but that one just doesn’t pass my personal litmus test.   

For me, it’d have to be a more modern show, and one which has been overlooked by lots of viewers because it was only on a few seasons…Crime Story.  For me, this show spawned the spate of crime shows that I devour.  Law and Order, CSI, etc…all of them can trace their grittier roots to this show, as well as a kicking soundtrack.  And really, is there anyone cooler than Dennis Farina? 

So, after all is said and done, what would your show be?