The Circle Trilogy

Nora Roberts

(Morrigan’s Cross, Dance of the Gods, Valley of Silence)

Rather than attack these bad boys one at a time, I’m gonna give it to you all at once *g*.  While each of these books feature a central coupling, they are all so interconnected I wouldn’t advise reading them as stand-alones, because you’d simply miss too much good stuff!  The concept is this:  The vampire Lilith (who’s basically the biggest, baddest bitch around) is bent on taking over not only this world, but the others beyond our comprehension.  Because of that, the Goddess Morrigan has enlisted six to form a circle that will defeat Lillith and her vampire minions…or not.

Morrigan’s Cross opens the tale by introducing our cast of characters…Hoyt, the sorcerer, Glenna, the witch, Larkin, the shapeshifter, Blair, the warrior, Cian, the vampire, and Moira, the scholar.  Hoyt is brought 900 years forward through time (to our present day), while Blair and Larkin are pulled through from the mystical land of Gaell.  Cian has simply lived that long *g*.  Morrigan’s Cross is their preparation for the war, their fusing as a team, and the romance between Hoyt and Glenna.  Dance of the Gods is t he story of their continued preparedness, their trip into the land of Gaell, and the romance of Larkin and Blair.  And finally, Valley of Silence gives us the final battle and Cian and Moira’s romance.

Now that was a very neat little summary that doesn’t even begin to do this series justice.  The characters, from Hoyt and his brother Cian (oh, did I forget to mention that *g*) to the Gaellites Larkin and Moira, to our modern-day chicas Blair and Glenna, are all exceedingly well-drawn and poignant in their own ways.  The worldbuilding is fabulous, as always, with the timeline and continuity running flawlessly from one story to the next.  Even Lilith and her pet, Lora, are compelling, in their own squicky way.  As always, with anything that Nora writes, you’ll be missing a memorable experience, with characters and a land you won’t soon be able to forget, if you pass this series up!