Okay, so I’m in Virginia right now, hanging with my fab crit partners Jennifer Skully and Leigh Wyndfield.  Part of our critting process is watching movies and deconstructing them, and last night we watched a Riddick trio…Pitch Black, an animated short that acts as a bridge and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Now, I really, really like Vin Diesel (well, except for The Pacifier), so this wasn’t exactly a hardship for me *g*.  Of the two, I actually enjoyed Pitch Black the most, because of the overall storyline.  Yeah, Chronicles was a more visually appealing movie, but some of the characterizations fell a bit short for me.  Also, in Pitch Black, they were united in fighting against the evil beasties and themselves, where in Chronicles it was a man versus evil man gig.  While I *did* enjoy the mythology of Chronicles, in the end I thought the redemption value of Riddick himself (and his character growth) was much greater in Pitch Black.

So why in the heck am I deconstructing two kick butt movies???  Because this is what writers do when they get together, drink too much wine and smoke too many cigarettes…LOL.  Movie deconstruction is one of our favorite things to do, besides writing, that is, because it gives you a great visual of where stories do and don’t work, and how to apply that to your writing.

As a personal scheduling note *g*, I WILL be posting every day, it just may be later than I usually do.

Hope y’all have a GREAT week!