The Madonna Key Series (various authors)

Silhouette Bombshell

I’m one of the readers bemoaning the demise of the Bombshell line.  While, as with any series, there were good and not-so-good books, as a whole, I loved the idea of continuing storylines in a series length, and the concept that these babes were allowed to kick ass.

Okay, now onto The Madonna Key.  This is a seven-book series (hence me giving you a sweeping review, rather than a one-on-one), centered around girl-power.  I would highly recommend reading Evelyn Vaughn’s Grail Keepers books before diving into this.  While it’s not essential, it does give you a better idea of the players and the concept of female-centric religion and beliefs.  Wow, that sounds a bit heavy, doesn’t it?  LOL.  While the concept behind the series is scholarly, don’t let that make you think the action isn’t kick-butt, and the romance isn’t hot.  The series begins with an abnormal earthquake in the center of Paris, leading to the discovery of several female bodies from way back in the day (i.e., Elizabeth the First).  This begins a roller-coaster ride that spans all seven books, in which our heroines and their significant others must piece together an ancient mosaic, and in doing so, quite possibly save the world.

Even if you’re not the “delving into history” type of reader, this series is fascinating because it explains, in layman’s terms, the feminine mystique through two centuries.  Each of the books is told in first-person narrative, and while the storyline itself is flawlessly continued through each subsequent book, each author’s voice is clear and true.  It’s also vital that you read them in order, because the continued story builds upon itself, rather than being a set of separate books that happens to share a central theme. 

And for your reading pleasure, here they are!

#97      Lost Calling, Evelyn Vaughn

#101    Haunted Echoes, Cindy Dees

#106    Dark Revelations, Lorna Tedder

#110    Shadow Lines, Carol Stephenson

#114    Hidden Sanctuary, Sharron McClellan

#118    Veiled Legacy, Jenna Mills

#121    Seventh Key, Evelyn Vaughn