Howdy doody, all!  Blogging atcha today from beautiful Virginia…the wind FINALLY stopped, and while it was kinda cool and spooky to have the condo sway a bit, I’m glad we can no longer hear it whistling through the eaves…

We’ve done a ton in the last few days…plotted out Leigh’s work in progress, and View as well on my end.  I can’t tell you how much this week has helped me understand how I can write in a linear fashion while still holding onto my pantser status *g*.  In View, I was chugging merrily along, but knew something was wrong with the pacing and where things were falling into sequence, and having someone go over my main plot points in detail with  me and really making me think about them has tightened the work itself considerably.  In addition, by making me look seriously at what I wanted to gain with the resolution, we figured out that this book would be an excellent intro into a three-book series, so over the next few weeks I’m going to work on a proposal for the other two books and on View itself, so I have something ready to go for my next RWA meeting where we’re pitching.

A lot of the work we’ve done this week has been based on The Writer’s Journey, which sculpts your story from a mythical hero’s journey.  While I’ve been unconsciously following this “journey” over all of my books, now that I’m working more consciously as a writer, I found that “direction” to be invaluable, because it keeps me on track as to what I want to accomplish in each sequence, while still leaving me the joy of discovering what’s happening to my characters, if that makes any sense at all *g*.

Sooo, long and short of it…I’m going to be kicking ass and taking names when it comes to this series, and am totally inspired to get started!