Just something for you to ponder while I’m winging my way back home…

Okay, while I’m all about today’s kids eating properly and such, does this bug anyone else?  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070302/ap_on_re_us/reading_for_pizza

The gist of the article is that we’re battling literacy verus childhood obesity.  Now, I truly *do* understand the concern of the folks who are all aquiver about this.   But I have to make my opinion, no matter how goofy and misguided it might be…known.

Let’s attack this from two fronts…

First…the concept of literacy.  Pizza Hut is doing what any sensible business does…latching onto a great gimmick and exploiting the hell out of it.  Am I condeming them?  NO!  In the end result, a Personal Pan Pizza for a kid who read a certain quota of books seems perfectly reasonable to me.  Plus, they get the added bonus of better biz if the whole fam shows up.  It’s a Personal Pan Pizza, folks, for a certain amount of reading…it’s not like the youngsters are lining up after reading one title (correct me if I’m wrong).

So how is this bad?  The kids read, and become more literate, and probably get a pizza they would have eaten anyway that week.  And no, I’m not dissing parents.  As a non-parent, I can TOTALLY accept and understand the need for a take-out meal or three a week.  Hell, I’m pushing it with just the two of us.  Welcome to the world of the two-income household.

Okay, second…childhood obesity.  I guess I don’t understand this a ton for two reasons…one, because I’m not a parent, and two, because I grew up in the sticks, without cable, video games or anything like that.  We had an antenna on our roof, and after we finished our chores, dinner and homework, got MAYBE an hour of tube time…and then it was off to bed…to READ.  (Keep in mind that my folks were very simple when it came to basics…no PhD’s here…it was just common sense…sigh)  And nevermind that when we were at school and hit recess, we ran around like we’d never seen daylight *g*.

In my mind, the great villain in all this (and it’s really, really easy for me to say, not having kids) is the advent video games (Pong was it for us back in the early eighties, and only if you were comfortably well off…we weren’t).  We played OUTSIDE…and jeesh, because we were in the boonies, it was just me and my brother, making shit up.

I understand that in suburban and city households, the option to let your kids reign free and wild doesn’t apply (especially when both parents are working), but there’s HAS to be a better solution than blaming freakin’ Pizza Hut on your kid’s obesity.  Try after-school programs…something…anything…that makes it okay for your kid to read when they can, and play just as hard.

Orrrrr, it’s entirely possible I’m just a kidless bag of hot air…what thinketh ye?