Since I got back late Thursday, I haven’t done a ton of writing…revising, yeah. Based on the recommendations of my crit partners, I’m revising a lot of View, and then expanding it into a trilogy.  So basically, over the past few days I’ve been crunching ideas around, and this is what I’ve come up with…whatcha think?

The Royal Gorge Academy…only the best and the brightest may attend…and only if they possess a Talent the Meece Foundation deems of value.  Founded in the late sixties, the Foundation is the brainchild of Hugh Meece, pharmaceutical groundbreaker…and the Royal Gorge Academy is the Foundation’s shining jewel.  Their motto:  Exploring the last frontier…the human mind. 

View to a Kill      Crime scene photographer Sara Covington has lived with The Sight her whole life…and paid the consequences.  Her ability to see another dimension has caused her nothing but grief since childhood.  Now she’s run across a possible serial killer with a psychic signature she’s never seen, an enigmatic, sexy-as-hell cop with no aura whatsoever and a colleague bent on smearing her name.  When her past—two years spent in an institution for the “gifted”–comes back to bite her in the butt, what’s a girl to do but hold on and hope like hell she doesn’t end up dead?Detective Brian Roney is hopelessly puzzled—and hopelessly intrigued–by Sara.  So much so that he brings her in on a shoot that ultimately gets her fired.  And while he knows that Sara is attracted to him, something is holding her back.

When Sara’s nemesis in the police department is murdered, Sara is one of the first likely suspects.  And while she has an alibi—Roney—the people who once held her in such respect—cops—now look at her with suspicion…for he died in exactly the same way the first two victims had…victims that Sara is now connected to, if by circumstance only. 

Live and Let Die            Arin Thomas is hot on the heels of the story that could make or break her career as an investigative journalist.  She’s made it her mission to discover the secrets of the Royal Gorge Academy, because she’s sure there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the highly selective and densely shrouded school.            Jonah Summers doesn’t particularly care for his role as headmaster of Royal Gorge, but he likes the feisty redhead’s nosing around even less.  As a product of the university himself, he knows the secrets the Meece Foundation hides, and exactly how their graduates benefit the world by keeping criminals and despots under control.           

But even Jonah isn’t prepared for the skeletons that Arin unearths…and the danger in maintaining the image of the perfect institution. 

Die Another Day      Dallas Homicide detective Monica Foudy is one of the select few aware of the Meece Foundation and it’s manipulation of the Talented population of the US.  But even she isn’t ready for the firestorm of controversy and danger that erupts when the secret is leaked.  And even more shocking is the emergence of her own Talent.            Meece Foundation Administrator Heath Farrell has successfully hidden the true nature of the Royal Gorge Academy for a decade.  But deep down, he’s never trusted the products of Royal Gorge, or their motivations.             

Now he must gamble on Monica and her emerging Talent to either continue the subterfuge…or blow it sky high forever.