Okay, I admit it, I’m a series freak.  I LOOOVE continuing storylines.  But, sometimes I have a BIG problem with them…the angst, especially in paranormals.

I recently *tried* to read an famous author who shall remain nameless (because I’m not freakin’ suicidal), and her book bored the living shit out of me.  Now granted, I picked it up in what I assume was the second or third book of the series (bought it at the Romantic Times convention last year), but by that point, I expect the pages and pages and pages of “otherwordlien” angst to have been worked out, y’know?

I mean, I understand if a character has his/her own personal angst (hello, I’m a writer too!), but after about fifty pages of this book, I got the ENTIRE angst of the freakin’ species…which I have to assume was the same in the preceding books and will continue into the next gazillion.

While I, of all people (two series going right now) understand the value of layering backstory in, IMO it should be done somewhat effortlessly…i.e., a new reader can pick up Book Three and figure out they’re missing some good stuff in Books One and Two, but not really miss a beat (except for deep characterizations if characters are reocurring).

Am I totally smoking dope?  I mean, the book that I read is a NYT Bestseller, and I threw it against the wall after two chapters!  I realize that once you hit the NYT list, pretty much everything you write is gold, but damn!

Then again, I read reviews on this book (again, shall remain nameless *g*), and it’s obvious the reviewers have read the whole series and are all agush about the angst.

Are they in their twenties?  I remember that time well…angst was the name of the game, and that’s cool if we’re selling to twenty-something readers, but that wasn’t my impression about paranormals. 

Sigh…maybe my publicist needs to give me some good #s on what is selling (forget that whole “book of the heart” and “write what you know” gig).  And no, I’m not being bitter in the least…e-pubs buck any kind of pubbing trends as a whole, so I’m cool there…it’s just nice to know, y’know?

So I repeat my question from above…am I smoking dope?  Or maybe I shoul paraphrase and ask if I’m smoking dope again? *g*.