Sorry for disappearing into the ether!  I was all set to post my movie review on Monday, but when I got into work, I found the AF has finally decided to block us from a multitude of fun sites…again.  That’ll last about six months, or at least until a commander discovers he can’t use his favorite time-waster, and then we’ll be back to where we started.  Anyway, the saga continues *g*…I’m in the shower yesterday morning (during the mother of all thunderstorms) when…of course…the freakin’ power goes out.  Sooo, I finished rinsing out my hair, grabbed a flashlight to get dressed and put my makeup on, then packed up my hairdryer and curling iron and headed into work.  And obviously, couldn’t post my Tuesday book review from there because we’re blocked!! Shit, at this point, I’m just happy I got to post this bad boy!  LOL.   

Anyway, that’s the update on the “life” front.  On a totally cool note, I was asked to speak at the on Saturday, so now I’m trying to refresh my memory on all the Wiccan/Pagan info I learned years ago when I was writing Summerland and Brotherhood.  It’s kinda weird, because it seems like just yesterday when I was researching this stuff, but I haven’t really written about witchcraft in general since I finished Saints almost two years ago!!  I guess this “refresher” is a good thing on two fronts…one, I get to hawk some books and meet new people, and two, I’ll be undergoing edits on Saints pretty soon, so having stuff fresh can only help!  Anyway, I’ll report on how it went next week.  When it comes to writing, our scheduled appointments with the agent and editor last weekend were cancelled due to the winter storm on the East Coast.  While I was kinda bummed, it does give me a chance to fine tune View and flesh out the proposals for Live and Let Die (LLD) and Die Another Day (DAD).  Because there was no structured “meeting” planned, I didn’t go down to
Oklahoma City (three-hour round trip just seemed excessive for lunch and a book signing), and now I’m totally regretting it.  I missed playing with all my writer friends <pouting>.
 I’m finalizing the first round of edits on the current job I’m working on, so am really hoping to dive into View rewrites starting next Monday.  I’m hoping to have the first round of moving/shifting stuff done by the 31st, so I can make a fresh start of it in April…