So I’ve already said that I’ve adopted Oklahoma as my home state.  You might ask if this is totally insane, coming from a chickadee who was born and raised in California.  In a word…NO!  Allow me a moment to explain…

The town I grew up in(Mariposa, CA) was the kind of place where you said “howdy” on the street (at least 30-ish years ago).  Where my graduating class was 106.  Yeah, that’s right, a senior class with only 106 grads.  So you’re getting the small town flavor, right?

So after I graduated, I bopped around a bit, and ended up in Yosemite for almost 5 years, doing this and that (and learning tons about myself in the process), before I met my hubby.  Then all bets were off…we moved to Vacaville, CA, pop of 76,000 (at that time, now I’m sure it’s close to 100K, if not significantly more).  DEFINITELY not small town.  Then we were stationed in the Portuguese Azores (heaven on earth, if you can stand wind and rain for 6 months of the year).  So we finish up our tour in the Azores, and pick Enid, Oklahoma for our next base.  Who knew it’d be the last one?

See, it’s like this…people say “howdy” here, even though we’ve got a population of over 50,000.  People smile at you and MEAN it.  You can’t beat that with a stick. 

Other great reasons to love Oklahoma?  We bought a 1500 sq foot ranch for $55K.  Yeah, that’s right.  Now, granted, that was 10 years ago, but still.  Then, we started incorporating ourselves into the community and found out it was a pretty damned nice place to live!  There’s almost NO crime (mostly stupid shits blowing themselves up in their meth houses…but that’s stopped over the last few years wit the new Sudafed restrictions)…I’ll post a link for you to laugh over at the end of this post. 

As August neared the end of his career in the Air Force, we had to sit down and think about what we wanted…did we want to move back to California, and try to find a place to live, jobs, etc…or did we want to stay in the place that calls itself…are you ready for this…Enid America.  I’m not shitting you. 

In all of my years associated with the military, I’ve NEVER seen a community so buy into it’s base.  In fact, I’m certain that the community support (hell, it was downright coersion on Capitol Hill) is the BIG reason we didn’t hit the BRAC list last round.

Enid’s not not flashy, by any means.  We’ve got one big high school in the town proper (and we live and die by football season), the ubiquitous “strip” where you can get flash-in-the-pan fast food (i.e., Chili’s, Applebees, etc) and a pretty damn decent selection of “local” food that includes a no-kidding Japanese restaurant (trust me, coming from CA, I’m a sushi connoisseur, and this stuff is fresh and good!), some excellent Mexican spots…basically the works.  And since August and I are major foodies, that’s a good thing.  Granted, you’re not gonna get the major spread you do in significant metro areas, but it’s still damn good eats.

Lets see, what else…every year, the city fathers put on two fireworks shows…the first on the 4th of July…it’s kinda cool because we can see the whole gig from our back yard, so margarita consumption is NOT limited by driving considerations *g*.  Tho we did stop lighting our totally illegal fireworks after a visit from Officer Friendly a few years back!

The other fireworks extravaganza is on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and is called Enid Lights up the Plains.  Basically it’s a chance for everone to converge on the town square (yup, a no-kidding, totally functional town square), visit with Santa, buy shit they don’t really need, and kick off the Christmas season.

As an aside, Good Morning America and Money Magazine rated Enid as one of the top 5 places to live in American last year, which was totally cool…until I realized it was going to make land that much harder to buy…sigh.

See, the dream is this…we’re going to find a 2-5 acre spread and build our dream house, then rent our current house out to base folks (and no, there’s no discrimination going on here…but with military folks, if they screw up the place, or miss their rent, I just walk over to housing and bitch, and voila, I have my money!).

Okay, so I’ve sung the praises of my adopted hometown a ton…here’s the link I promised.  This was the “big” news for the month.

It basically boils down to this…a massive ladder truck (fire) drove over a pretty-damned-busy bridge on it’s way back from a call, a exceeded the weight limit…and collapsed the bridge.  Folks are all up in arms about it.  God, I love this town…not a murder to be seen…