Movie:  The Departed (2006) …We watched this last weekend, and I was *really* anticipating it.  Let me open this post by saying that this is a looong movie…two and a half hours, and unlike Zodiac (the last Movie Monday post), I felt it.  It’s not that the movie isn’t compelling…it is, but it just seemed longer than I thought it would.  Okay, enuf of that drivel…now to the good stuff.   Jack Nicholson was creepily perfect as the villain, playing the part with perfect depravity (then again, what else do we expect from Jack?).  Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were the true stars of this film, as they worked against each other without knowing of the other’s true identity.  The violence, as with a lot of Scorsese films, is frequent and graphic, but didn’t bother me overmuch because it all fit in with the plot.  As a whole, the film was quite well put together, with lots of red herrings and “ah-ha” moments, and beautifully filmed with a great supporting cast.  In my perfect world, though, Damon and DiCaprio would have swapped roles.  For some reason I just didn’t buy DiCaprio wholeheartedly, while I did Damon.  I guess if the roles were reversed, I would have been more immersed in the film as a whole. 

That is probably just me… I really like Matt Damon, but I’m not a big DiCaprio fan.  The kid just doesn’t work for me in any of his parts…probably because I’ve been forever scarred by Titanic (shuddering here).  Usually I can look past stuff like that (hey, I like Vin and The Rock…and not just for their buffed bods), but even in movies I’ve really liked (Gangs of New York comes immediately to mind), I never have cared for him.  I’m not sure why…methinks it’s just the way he looks.  Sigh.  All in all, if I had to make a recommendation, I’d say The Departed is definitely worth the experience, but it’s not one I’d buy for my library. Now, can they FINALLY release The Last King of Scotland?  Soon?  Please??