Hey all!  Well, I finally got my first round of rewrites started on View, and they’re semi-massive.  I’m completely changing my hero’s reaction to the heroine’s revelation of her “gift”.  It had been bugging me, even if I wasn’t admitting it…he just bought it too easily, y’know?  So now, while he’s not being a complete pinhead about it, he is much more reticent.  Which of course makes for much better conflict *g*. In other news, I’m sending out this month’s newsletter featuring the AWESOME Karen Rose (I posted a review of her latest book yesterday) tonight.  If you haven’t joined the newsletter…why not?  You get to meet cool authors, read free excerpts, and are automatically entered to win the monthly giveaway of a $10 gift certificate to Amazon or Fictionwise.  Oh, and I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t mention the goofy blonde joke that concludes each issue! The weather has FINALLY calmed down a bit…my friend Rinda did a perfect post about what it’s like to live here.  We were luckier than she was this last week…no diving for the storm shelter, but as a whole, the state got whacked pretty hard.  On the bright side, everything is turning pretty and green again, which is a welcome sight after all the freakin’ snow and ice we got last winter. Well, I guess that’s it for today, Happy Easter, everyone!!