Swerving abruptly back to my Euro-themed Freaky Location Friday *g*, today I wanted to talk about our trip from Venice to Rome… 

So we hopped on the train in the mid morning and sat in the very back, in one of those sets of seats that face the person in the very last row.  The couple who sat with us was so obviously American it made me smile.  The guy is wearing a 49ers sweater and a Big Dog baseball cap.  After we got rolling we did the usual blah blah conversation (especially since they had to first determine we were American…remember, we can easily pass for German or Swedes), and quickly discovered they were from the San Francisco Bay Area (go figure, with the Niners sweatshirt *g*).  She worked for DHL & he was a housepainter…and they were in
Italy on vacation.  But how they got there is sooo interesting!  

See, it’s like this…both of them were diehard Giants fans, and had season tickets for seats right behind home plate.  Because those are choice seats, they got to know the folks around them as the years passed.  So in 1996, one of these baseball friends is celebrating his 50th birthday, and decides to rent a villa in Tuscany for a month, and anyone who can make their way to Italy can enjoy it, and all of the cool stuff associated with it for free.  Did I mention said birthday boy was a stockbroker??  LOL.  Anyway, the wife, working for DHL, gets space available tickets, so they camped out in San Francisco International and hopped a flight to Rome, then made their way to Tuscany via the train, had a fabulous week, and were heading back home when we bumped into them. 

We enjoyed multiple cold malted beverages over the course of the five or six hour trip, which were brought to us by too-cute-to-live Italian porters who carried the beer around in galvanized buckets filled with ice.  By the time we hit Rome, we were semi-toasted *g*, and more than ready to book our hotel room. 

Sooo, Joe Morgan (I’m sorry, I don’t remember your wife’s name), if you’re out there, give me a shout!  LOL. 

Next week, our time in Rome…