Life has been kinda interesting the last week… 

Today I’m chatting with a private newsletter group (and praying I’m not sounding like an ass), but in between the flurry of questions & answers, I’m working on both View and Sea of Dreams.  Not sure what happened this weekend, but suddenly I was inspired on both of them.  With View, it’s the saga of continuing rewrites, but I think Sea finally gelled a bit as to where I was going with it.  So far I’ve amassed a grand total of 8K words on View and 3K on Sea, which is pretty good considering I just started really pounding away on Saturday.  I have to wonder what set me off on this new course, and how in the heck I can not only sustain it, but continue it further down the road.  

My friend Rachel recently finished her latest project and wondered “what to do?”  Should she start rewrites on a story that was still in the “sales” portion of its life, or maybe work on a novella, or perhaps start outlining her next book?  That’s kind of where I’ve been…but with other projects.  In the past, I’ve allowed myself to become distracted by sideline stuff…editing other people’s work, doing extracurricular stuff in the day job, above-and-beyond projects for my RWA chapter.  I’ve made kind of an “I’m 40 now, and need to get my shit together” decision.  I’m committed to seeing the NRCA through to the end (in July), and then I’m handing it off to Vicki and Chrystal (the two wonderful ladies who’ve offered to take it over) and serving in kind of an advisory capacity.  Same with the editing gig in general…I’ll continue to oversee editing services, but when it comes to one-on-one stuff, it’s getting turfed out to the other editors.  I need to spend the next year (after July) concentrating on my writing, not other folks’ (with the exception of my gorgeous, talented crit partners and chapter sisters).  Then, before Nationals next year, I’ll be able to sit down, look at my progress and really measure it. 

Every time I start talking about doing something like this I feel really guilty…until my hubby or one of my friends smacks me in the back of the head and tells me that I already do a ton, and that I need to take some “me” time.  Soooo, beginning 1 August, expect my Wednesday “column” to be a no-shit countdown of what’s going on in my writing life!!