Have you ever had one of those Mondays?  You know, where nothing seems to go right, and you just wish you’d stayed in bed?  Well, today that’s been me.  Got up to the beautiful drone of the alarm, showered and all that good stuff, then went to dry my hair…and got squat.  The damned hairdryer was dead.  How it was fine yesterday, but fried today completely escapes me.  Anyway, I’m one of those girls with complete stoner hair…straight as a board, makes me look like a seventies reject if I don’t do lots of stuff to it…and I’m late on getting it repermed.  Sooooo, the big question arose.  Do I zip over to Wally and get a new hairdryer, then frantically dash around trying to get ready, or do I just take a powder, stay home and write?

Since I had zippo on my calendar today, and my boss was on leave, I decided on door #2, thank you very much!  LOL.  In happy news, I guess that means I’ll be able to report a massive word count on Wednesday, right?  At least in theory.

So does my choice make me a total slack-ass?  If I’d had meetings or something totally hot on my plate, then I would’ve gone into work anyway, but yesterday I wrote 2600 words on View, and I wanna continue that trend, soooo, slack-asses of the world, unite!!  LOL.

Since this post is obviously not my usual Monday fare, I wanted to also go off on a totally different tangent that I’ve been angsting over a bit (and I don’t angst).

The students from Virginia Tech are heading back to school today, and watching what’s transpired over the last week just boils my blood.  Yes, Cho was pretty much a completely loose screw (and if you wanna read a GREAT take on him, check out Stephen King’s commentary), but the thing that has made me the angriest about this whole thing were some pretty damned insensitive comments I read here and there. (and I’m not going to link to these idiots to give them even more airtime)

The gist of it is this…some people are asking why the students (or teachers) didn’t charge Cho and take him out while he was reloading.

Okay, from a psychological standpoint, look at the two people (that we know about) who actually took action…one, a Holocaust survivor, and two, a regular schmo kid, who said he hid first, THEN started to think, and took action.

Folks, these students are KIDS.  Yeah, I know there are a whole lot of people their age who are now hardened warriors in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts, but these aren’t them.  These folks were students, and as such, aren’t trained to deal with that kind of aggression…and do we really want them to be?  People don’t ask why high school students & teachers didn’t disarm a shooter when those atrocities occur…so why should these kids be any different? 

Okay, rant officially over!  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow with a book review.

Have a better Monday than me *g*!!