Movie:  The Last King of Scotland (2006)…  I LOVE Forest Whitaker, and my hubby is a serious history buff, so anything that combines the two is usually a no-brainer in my house.  Usually.  I have to say, while Whitaker’s portrayal of Idi Amin was fabulous, and definitely deserving of the Oscar, the movie itself left something to be desired. 

The story centers around a Scottish physician who catches Amin’s eye and becomes his personal physician.  Basically this guy gets to live the good life, one that was a bit appalling to me, to be quite honest.  He seemed to have no real morals.  Passion and a bit of conviction, yes, but when it came to keeping Mr. Winky in his pants…not so much.  August and I spent the whole movie believing this guy was a real person, but when I did a search on the net the next day, I found it was a fictionalization.  That relieved me in one way (this guy was a serious prick) and pissed me off in another, since it was billed as “based on actual historical events”.  Those events being a seriously light overview on Amin’s tyrannical hold over Uganda. 

This movie could have been SO much better if it had focused on Amin and his multiple faces.  Yeah, we saw vignettes of them throughout the flick, but I cared much more about what was going on with him than the “hero.” 

If you’d like to see Whitaker shine, then definitely RENT this one, but focus on him, rather than the hero.