Yet another FAB addition to Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series.  While this is the second book in the series, you needn’t have read the first to “get it”, but I do recommend it (and not just ‘cause it’s a fab book *g*).  In this one, we’re revisiting the Valkyries, specifically Kaderin the Cold Hearted.  Kaderin had her feelings (all of them) removed by a goddess after the loss of her two twin sisters.  Now, a thousand years later, she’s met the man who would be her mate…and of course there’s one small problem.  He’s a Vampire, sworn enemy of the Valkyries (and pretty much everyone else within the Lore) and the species that massacred her sisters.  Sebastian is a bit of an enigma vamp…he doesn’t want to be one, but doesn’t moan about it all that much.  Instead, he’s been pretty much pining away…for what he’s not sure.  When he touches Kaderin, his heart begins to beat again, and he knows her for what she is, his Bride.  Kaderin, to her own shock and against her will, begins to feel again as soon as Bastien touches her.  So we get to watch them quarrel and fight against a particularly cool plot device…the Hie…an Amazing Race-like competition, but one where doing everything but outright killing the competition is legal.  And the prize?  A key that will take the winner back in time.  And Kaderin’s fondest wish?  To go back in time to save her sisters.  But doing so would change the present…and make it a world in which she and Bastien never meet.   

I particularly enjoyed that Kaderin, once she decided to let go, wasn’t one of those heroines who got all twitchy about her sexuality.  She knows what she wants from Bastien, and takes it, to their mutual pleasure.  And Bastien, well I just plain adored him, probably because he WASN’T an alpha male…until he needed to be.  Not that he was beta…he was just…normal. 

If you’re looking for a great, hot paranormal read, the Immortals After Dark series is not to be missed!