Hey all!  I’m cruising nicely along on View, got another 4,500 words done this week (most of them on Sunday).  The end is looming, I think I’ve only got about two more chapters to write (my chapters usually range about 4,000 words, so that should put me at about 75K), then I’ll go in and weave in some backstory and the “location as character” atmosphere.  I know that putting in 20K of “stuff” sounds like a ton *g*, but when it comes to my non-erotic books, that seems to be how I do it.   In other news, I got a great new review from Two Lips Reviews that totally made my day! 

Redemption is an exciting contemporary mythological fantasy in a new series, Terran Realm. Author Keira Ramsey demonstrates her gift for dialogue, character, and especially world-building, as she creates a very viable and vividly descriptive new background to reality as we tend to perceive it. The plot line is fast-paced, and readers will immediately discover Redemption is a true page-turner and a story not to be put down. This is a definite choice for one’s Keeper Shelf. 

OOOH, and I don’t remember if I posted my cover to Saints of Midland (due out on 5 June), so even if I did, you get it again… 


Isn’t it gorgeous???