I’m a baseball fan.  When we lived in San Francisco’s Bay Area, nothing was better than heading down to Candlestick Park to watch my beloved Giants duel the nasty Dodgers.  My favorite player has been and always will be Matt Williams, because he was the star of the first game I ever really *sat* down and watched, waaaaaay back in the day.

This last Tuesday, Barry Bonds hit his 745th home run, putting him 10 HRs away from Hank Aaron’s record.  Anyone who follows sports (and hell, even if you don’t) knows of the controversy surrounding Bonds’ performance and the allegations that he’s used steriods to get this far.  Okay, I’ll buy that it’s a possibility, or at least was in past years.  Heck, I think it was a very real probability with a bunch of our homerun hitters.  But since the steriod scandal really hit the news in 2004/2005, do you *really* think that folks like Bonds, who have everything to lose, would have started juicing again (if they were in the first place)?  He’s already hit 11 dingers this year in only 79 at bats, 33 of which were walks, which is a homer every 4.1 at bats.  Pretty damned good.  Yeah, not as phenomenal as 2001, where he stroked 73, but perhaps we’ve come to expect too much…or not enough.

 So here’s my main question…if he can still produce a homer every 5-ish at bats, and will most certainly break the record this year (unless he’s injured), then why is the question of steroids coming up yet again?  He’s obviously not using, yet is still pounding them out of the park.

My thought is this…MLB, Congress and all of the folks screaming about this…put up or shut up.  It’s been two freakin’ years since Congress met on this matter of “national interest” (rolling eyes here), and what do we have?  A bunch of hysterical sportscasters and bitter rivals stoking the fire.  Not to mention the “investigative” journalists who had no problem penning a book about what they found…and yet still no charges have been filed.  Put up or shut up, folks.

If it turns out that Bonds used steriods in the 90s & early 2000s, I won’t be overly surprised, but unless you can prove it, leave the damned man alone and concentrate on THE GAME!!