Well, I’m thrilled, happy, ecstatic that I wrote “The End” on View to a Kill!  I’m letting it percolate over the course of this week before I go in and add the three pages of notes I took as I hauled ass through to the end.  Since I don’t plot, towards the end of each book I come up with all kinds of stuff I layer in throughout the story. Usually, I shoot myself in the foot and rewrite as I go, which means that the end is usually a grind to get to.  Now granted, the final product is something that I can send to my alpha reader and my crit partners almost immediately, but I wanted to try something diff this time, especially since the end was already written in my mind, which it seldom is.

Does that mean I’m growing as an author?  I’d like to think so, because at some point, I’m going to have to sit down and write a synopsis on a book that doesn’t suck ass, and send it in *before* I write the book *g*.

To pass the time as Seinfeld reruns were on, I reread what I’d already written on Sea of Dreams, and I really like it!  For some reason the initial sex scene (which is a quickie, no names, thank you very much…at a wedding reception) is giving me fits and starts, so I’d skipped it and moved into the meat of the story.  Maybe it’s just that I need to relearn writing erotic romance after working on View, which is definitely more of a police procedural/paranormal thriller.  Sigh.

All I *really* know is that I want to finish up the rewrite of View and get really deep into Sea of Dreams before I head to New Orleans for a work conference in mid-June.  Usually when I go to these things, we’re in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, so I order up room service and a bottle of wine and write my little heart out.  Methinks that won’t be the case this time *g*.

So what are y’all up to?