So in my previous post you got the gist of why Rome just wasn’t for us.  Today I’m going to talk about how we returned to Germany.

We caught a train that morning, and it was all good…got into Venice just as night was falling, and I adore Venice, so we got some grub, wandered the streets for a bit, and then boarded the night train north.  Now keep in mind, this whole experience was the first time I’d ever ridden the rails (and since the US doesn’t use rail travel as extensively, it’s been the last).  We couldn’t get a sleeper car, so instead just crammed ourselves into our seats and tried to crash.  I say “tried” because we were in a section that had a group of disaffected American kids.  By kids I mean in their late teens, early twenties, and if you’ve ever seen Beverly Hills 90210 you’ll know what I mean.  These wanks talked the whole friggin’ night, and it was obvious they were making a serious attempt to impress someone (who the hell knows who).  They veered from existentialism to getting back home to the trust fund/internship in Daddy’s firm.  Now I know I was a bit of a piker when I was young (who wasn’t), but I just wanted to bang their heads together.  It didn’t help that I was still not feeling so hot.  We finally pulled into the Innsbruck train station at something like 5 a.m., and I was never so glad to see the back of someone’s ass.

Now, keep in mind we’ve been traveling for something like twenty hours at this point, we’re dog tired, and I’ve begun to get sicker…like coughing up a lung sick.  It’s November in the freakin’ Alps, and the next train north doesn’t leave until 7 a.m.

The Innsbruck train station, which had provided me with such entertainment earlier in our trip, is quite pretty in the “working” hours.  Not so much in the early morning.  The underground corridor where you walk from the actual rails to the staion itself, was dank, cold and smelled like wet concrete and urine.  Yum!  NOT! 

We hunkered down in the station itself at first, but there was just a weird feel to it…like we were just waiting to be victims.  It was obviously a place to crash at night for the homeless, which I have no problem with, but there were also people just hanging out, and that’s what gave us the heebie jeebies.  I couldn’t tell if they were dealing (and I’m not talking about a bit of pot changing hands, this had a whole icky heroin exchange feel) or waiting to roll someone.  After about half an hour of being on hyper-alert (which sucks when you’ve been half-awake all freakin’ night), we decided to just wait next to our departure train because there was a guard down there.  So we trouped back through the corridor (blech) and settled in on a totally uncomfortable bench in the freakin’ freezing fog.  

Poor August was having a stroke because I was getting progressively sicker, and there wasn’t a damned thing we could do about it but wait.  The conductor finally took pity on us and let us load a few minutes early, since we were the only people on the platform, and damn, it was warm!  LOL.

The train took off right at 7, and we slept most of the way to Germany, only waking up when we hit the checkpoint at the border.  At that point, we were just happy to be heading north!  We finally debarked in Garmisch, got a room at a GREAT hotel, and settled in for a few days to recoup.

While our trip to Europe was fabulous, we both decided we would have been better off if we’d never headed further south than Venice!