Independence Day (1996)–OMG–this movie is over ten years old.  Talk about aging me!  Anyway, it was on the tube last night as I was neck-deep into revisions (which explains why I’m not talking about a movie made in this decade *g*).

On the whole, this is one of those movies I can revisit on a semi-regular basis, because I really like it with the exception of one characterization.  Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are fabulous in this flick, Bill Pullman plays the President pretty convincingly, and there are lots of secondary players (including my new fave Adam Baldwin) who stand out.  My only real quibble with the movie was Randy Quaid’s character.  It just made me cringe every time he came on the screen, and his role in the climax was incredibly cheesy.   It’s not Quaid himself, because he’s an awesome actor, but the actual character the writers chose to insert.  It yanks me out of the “thrill” of the movie each and ever time.  Sigh.

In a nice change, the special effects still stand up ten years later, so obviously the the CGI guys had their shit together.    While Indpendence Day isn’t something that’s gonna reel in critical acclaim or Oscars, it IS entertaining, and a most satisfying way to spend a few hours.  I mean, get serious…Will Smith in a flightsuit for two hours…yum!