Niclas Seymour hails from an ancient Welsh clan, descended from magic.  For generations they hid their power, acquired great wealth, and entered England’s aristocracy.  Then came the blood curse that left Niclas a night wanderer with no peace.  He searches for redemption, and finds the possibility of it, in Lady Julia Lindley.  Julia is an old maid at twenty-five, positive she will never wed.  She’s harbored a secret love for Niclas for years, and consents to his escort from London to Wales in order to resolve a problem between their two families. 

I’ve been reading more historicals lately, especially those with a paranormal bent, and this was a great addition.  While there’s not a ton of sexual tension between the two characters, Niclas is a great dark hero and Julia a breath of fresh air, with her adventurous spirit and longing to be free of her stifling family.  The magic and worldbuilding here is great, and the story took many unexpected twists and turns.  The secondary characters were amusing and added humor.