Well, I’m officially in rewrite hell, tho the first half of the book is flowing pretty well.  It’s always interesting for me to re-read what I’ve written to see if it works like I’d hoped it would.  So far, so good.  I know that the hard stuff is coming tho…the part where I begin to incorporate the three pages of thoughts I jotted down as I was running pell-mell toward the end.  Which is now going to change, just a smidge (sigh).  I realized, as I was rereading it, that I’d weakened my hero too much by letting the heroine handle a majority of the climax, even if it is her story.  But hey, that just means that much more conflict and action, right?  LOL.  I’m really hoping to get a huge wad of the rewrites done this week and over the long weekend.  We don’t really have any plans except to chill and barbeque, so that should be a perfect venue for me to really pump out the word count.  In my happy world, I’ll be done, or almost done with it by 1 June.   

If I can actually keep to that timeline, this is probably the most “productive” book I’ve written to date.  By that I mean how long it’s taken me to write it versus word count.  I officially “started” this book last summer, but a family crisis and Redemption edits/rewrites put it on the back burner until the holidays.  So, realistically, I’ve written this book in just over six months, which really surprised me when I looked back, because it seemed like I’d been working on it for much longer than that.  Then again, I guess that’s right because we released Redemption in February. 

Personally, I’d love to be able to do that…write one “big book” a year, and a couple of novellas.  Once I’m done with View and it’s winged its way to my crit partners and alpha reader, I’m going to start on Sea of Dreams.  I’d love to get that out the door prior to heading to the RWA convention in mid-July.  We’ll see…at a projected 30K, I might actually be able to pull it off *g*.  In other news, Saints releases in two weeks…sent the line edits back last week, and I so over-excessively used “then”, I’m surprised the line editor didn’t drive to Oklahoma and beat me senseless.  Sigh.  I wrote that story so long ago that I *hope* I’ve moved past that. 

Okay, that’s it for today…now I’m off to look at View and see how many times I typed “then” *G*!