Thirteen Reasons I Love Oklahoma…Okay y’all know I’ve seriously fallen in love with my adopted state…and here’s why:

1.  The people… Some of the best people in the world live here.  These folks will give you the shirt off their back if you need it, and you might never even know their name

2.  No freakin’ traffic!  Yeah, Oklahoma City and Tulsa can get a smidge congested, but I’ve driven in SoCal, San Francisco, Boston and Dallas…no comparison!

3.  No real crime…again, I’m comparing to other places I’ve lived, and the difference is simply astounding.  Meth used to be the big problem here, but since we adopted the Sudafed law (as I call it *g*), it’s almost non-existent.  Yesterday morning they made a comment that we’d had our 50th homicide state-wide.  Yeah, it totally sucks that there’d be that many, but keep in mind the Oklahoma City metro area alone has almost three-quarters of a million people, and the Tulsa metro rings in around close to half a mil (I was surprised too).  Most of those are domestics and such.  Stacked up against the population, it’s still a really low number

4.  Geography… We’re smack dab in the middle of the US, which means it basically takes a two-day drive to get *anywhere*!

5.  Scenery…I’ve never seen a state so varied in what you can see/do in such a short span of time.  From the gorgeously wooded southeast corner, to the red carpet country of the northwest, almost every eco-system in the US is represented here.

6.  Heritage… as one of the last states to be recognized (we’re celebrating our centennial this year), you’d think we wouldn’t have a rich background, but you’d be wrong.  Just look at our history… the Trail of Tears, the Chisholm Trail, the Dust Bowl, the Land Rush.  All of these things made Oklahoma a hearty, strong state…which we desperately needed in ’94 with the Murrah Building Bombing and in ’03, when the biggest tornado on record (EVER) swiped through our state.

7.  Celebrities… Will Rogers, James Garner, Toby Keith, Reba McIntyre, Garth Brooks…geesh, that list just starts it out!  And every single one of them is proud to be an Okie.

8.  Housing prices… What you get for the money is simply astonishing.

9.  Bricktown… When we moved to OK in 1997, Bricktown in Oklahoma City was a vacant, glass-littered, downright blighted area.  Now it’s thriving, a beautiful mini riverwalk the winds past awesome restaurants, kitchy shops and one of the best minor league ballparks in the country.

10.  Small-town feel… Whether you’re in Oklahoma City, Tulsa or Enid, the small town feel of
Oklahoma pervades.  People are genuinely nice…the actually smile for no apparent reason!

11.  Military support… I’ve never seen a state that so readily and enthusiastically supports the military.  Of course part of that is fiscal (a base/fort brings in lots of moola), but it’s also the fact that Oklahoman’s are genuinely patriotic.  I don’t mean that in a “I support everything the government says” way… Troop support is paramount, as is the very genuine desire to make our bases/forts the very best they can be.

12.  Oil rigs… What other state boasts a working oil rig on the grounds of its capitol…or one in the middle of a mall parking lot??  It’s quite amusing to see.

13.  EcoCulture… For a state that relies on oil as a primary resource, we’ve also begun developing alternate fuels…from wind power to ethanol.