Hi all — sorry I didn’t post on Monday…I was neck-deep in revisions and watching Memorial Day stuff on the tube.  With us being so deeply intertwined with the military, it seemed like the right thing to do, as well as remember my Pop, who was a Korean War vet.

Anyway, with no further ado…

Selena McCaffrey knows what it’s like to fight for your life, to hone your body until it’s sharp and never let down your guard—for anyone.  A beautiful artist with a dark, painful past, Selena also knows how to keep secrets.  With a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson and a double-edged dagger packed in her bags, Selena is leaving Key West for the American heartland.  She’s going to kill a man.  Fourteen years earlier, a chance encounter plunged Selena into the grasp of a criminal mastermind, William Davis, who became her protector and twisted father-figure.  Now William has ordered her to move in next door to a Tulsa cop investigating a triple homicide.  A man of quiet strength, Detective Tony Ceola is closer than he knows to bringing down William’s criminal empire.  But as Selena slowly gets to know her new neighbor, her past starts slipping away and a choice appears before her eyes: between the man who trapped her in a world of violence and lies—and another who can set her free…if she doesn’t kill him first. 

This was a book that was rife with twists and turns.  I’ll admit that I figured out who the baddie was pretty early into the book, but that didn’t stop it from being interesting.  Selena is a great sympathetic character, and I absolutely adored Tony and his family.  The police work was done very realistically, and totally drew me into the story.   For me, this wasn’t so much romantic suspense as it was a look into the characters of a flawed hero and heroine, and I enjoyed every minute of it!