Woohoo!  Got my first draft of View done and off to my critique partner.  It’s still short, but hopefully Pat can tell me where I’m missing something.  My only concern now is that it’s too “quirky” for mainstream print, like all of my other TL Schaefer books.  Sigh.  If nothing else, I’ll try fishing for an agent with it and see what happens. 

On that note, I started working on Sea of Dreams again and got a bit done at lunch, which pushed me over the 3,500 word mark.  Doesn’t seem like a ton, but since this is a novella only slated for 30,000-ish words, that’s a pretty good start.  If I meet my goal of at least a thousand words a day, it should go pretty quickly.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter

3,500 / 30,000

In other news, my Keira Ramsay book REDEMPTION went on sale at Fictionwise last Monday, so if that’s your buying venue of choice, swing buy and pick it up!