Yeah, I know it’s the name of a song, but it’s also what *I* did to  myself this weekend.  You know that saying about the metabolism not being what it used to be after forty?  Well damn, it’s true.

See, it’s like this.  My boss had his going away party on Friday, and I proceeded to get royally lit.  No, I’m not talking about dancing-on-the-tables, doing-something-stupid lit, but rather the “holy crap, I wasted a whole, beautiful weekend being hung over” lit.  Sigh.  Luckily hubby and I were smart enough to get a ride home (thank you, Designated Drivers of the world, and specifically Airman Nestor!!).

Methinks wine and I are no longer speaking, let alone being the good friends we used to be.  Because of that, I wallowed this weekend, rather than doing anything but watching the tube with my hubby (you guessed it, soccer and Frazier DVDs), so no music or movies this week.  Tho I *did* fall asleep to Ghost Story (one of my fave movies) on Saturday as I attempted to recoup.

So what did y’all do this weekend???