Howdy everyone!  Having a blast so far.  We braved the freeway yesterday to head to Target and pick up essentials like water and Diet Coke (my roomie Brooke basically needs an IV drip *g*).  Last night’s Literacy Signing was, as always, stupendous fun.  I sold six books, which as an “unknown” author is great!  I love getting my books into readers’ hands, so am going to put a few down in the Goodie Room before I head to lunch.

I got Nora’s latest (SIGNED)…I am SUCH a fan girl for her, and she’s always so gracious and truly someone to emulate. 

Right now I’m chilling for a bit, getting my pitch for Virgin Books together and basically being recharged by being around so many writers.  This afternoon is the Annual General Meeting, where there’s sure to be a massive kerfluffle because of recent changes…I wasn’t going to go, originally, but now I’m going to pop in and see what everyone is saying…I’ll post on that later tonight.

What are y’all up to?